February 2021

Transportation Visibility — Overview and Current State

Visibility is the application of real-time data connectivity and enablement throughout the supply chain lifecycle. The importance of visibility has grown from consumer demand, increasing need for just-in-time inventory, and access to measurable data. In a nutshell, modern visibility platforms have been brought about by the “Amazon Effect” which in…

Yesterday was a big day for me. It was a day full of emotion, some reminiscing, and extreme excitement. Yesterday I said good-bye to my team at Mannings Truck Brokerage (Fitzmark).

In November of 2018, I packed my wife and three boys up into our minivan (pictured) and left our…

What to Expect, and Who the Winners Will Be

At the end of every year, I like to reflect on the trends in supply chain that are moving us forward as an industry and make some predictions on what will move the needle the following year. (Read my 2018 & 2019 thoughts here).

We’ve heard it countless times this…

How companies are keeping up with Uber

Each year at this time I like to reflect on the previous year’s LogisticsTech goings-on and make some predictions on the key trends and companies that will shape the landscape for the upcoming year. Check out my 2019 predictions here.

2019 was another blockbuster year in LogisticsTech, with 317 early-stage…

Charley Dehoney

Charley Dehoney is a growth-focused executive, advisor, & investor, with nearly 20 years of experience at the intersection of transportation technology

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